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We teach you to drive a manual vehicle in a safe and fun manner.

Why Learn How To Drive Stick?

In many parts of the world, learning to drive stick — also known as stick shift or manual — is actually just learning to drive.

While manual transmissions have become an increasingly uncommon part of American culture, they’re still very prominent in most other parts of the world. Knowing how to drive one could save your life one day.

Plus, it’s a much more engaging driving experience, opens you up to a lot more choices for your next car, and actually makes you a better driver as a whole, even with an automatic. Most importantly: You’ll look cool doing it.

Thoroughly Vetted Instructors

All of our instructors are thoroughly vetted and only teach stick shift lessons.

Vehicle Provided for Lesson

Your instructor will provide a vehicle for the duration of the lesson.

Practice In A Safe Environment

Lessons take place in an open parking lot so you can have all of the fun with none of the stress.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our instructors are provided with a comprehensive curriculum so nothing is missed.

How It Works

From start to finish, we’ve made it easy for anyone to learn to drive stick shift in three, easy steps

1. Book A Lesson

Booking a lesson in is as easy as choosing your city and select a time slot.

2. Show Up

Your instructor will provide the location and a manual vehicle. You just have to show up!

3. Crush It

Our highly experienced instructors follow a comprehensive stick shift curriculum.


The Basics

  • Safely operate a manual vehicle
  • Start moving in first gear
  • Safely come to a stop
  • Reverse and park
  • Recover from stalling
  • 1 to 2 hours to complete
  • Ideal if you plan to move a stick shift vehicle in a parking lot

The Standard

  • Everything in The Basics
  • Shifting through gears
  • Downshifting
  • Hill starts
  • Parallel parking
  • 1.5 to 3 hours to complete
  • Ideal if you plan to drive a stick shift vehicle on the road under 250 horsepower

The Works

  • Everything in The Standard
  • Learn to control a powerful manual vehicle at lower speeds
  • Balance between the clutch and accelerator at take off
  • Properly feather the clutch while parking and reversing
  • Learn proper rev-matching during downshifts
  • 2 to 4 hours to complete
  • Ideal if you plan to drive a sports car, a car with 300+ horsepower, or plan to track your car


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Frequently Asked Questions

A manual transmission is a type of vehicle transmission that requires the driver to manually shift gears using a clutch pedal and a gear selector.
Learning to drive a manual transmission gives you greater control over the vehicle, improves your understanding of how cars work, and can make you a better driver overall. Additionally, many sports cars and high-performance vehicles only come with manual transmissions, so learning to drive one can open up a whole new world of driving experiences.
The length of time it takes to learn to drive a manual transmission varies from person to person, but most people can become proficient in a few hours of instruction and practice.
Yes, you can use your own car for the lessons, provided that it is a manual transmission vehicle and is in good working condition. However, our instructors do provide a manual transmission vehicle for the lesson and commercial insurance is only extended for vehicles we provide.
Yes, with sufficient practice and experience, you should be able to drive a manual transmission vehicle on your own after completing the course.
Yes, you can reschedule a lesson if something comes up, but please give us a 24 hour notice.
You should bring your driver’s license, comfortable shoes, and any other materials or equipment that the instructor asks you to bring.

We have instructors all over town so they’ll reach out to you to coordinate a location close to you. Lessons take place in an open parking lot to ensure you can still row through gears and practice in a safe and fun environment.


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